Considering your subsidy Future

Published: 01/02/2023

Considering your subsidy Future!

The fundamentals of future farming subsidies have now been released by DEFRA after much conjecture. In order to maximise your income while simultaneously achieving DEFRA objectives, funding is becoming more customised for your holding.
Countryside Stewardship agreements starting on the 1st January 2023 will now benefit from on average 48% increase in capital rates. For example, £17.22/m per annum for hedgerow gapping up or £31.91/ m per annum for stone wall restoration. Alternatively, the Sustainable Farming incentive offers annual payments for maintaining hedges, managing grassland, etc.

Our team of professionals has successfully managed agri-environment schemes for many years.
For further information and advice please get in contact with: 
Ross Whitcombe: 01458 834288 (Glastonbury Office)
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Jake Smith: 0345 0347 758 (Midsomer Norton Office) 
Rob Jones: 01373 831010 (Standerwick Office)
Sam Haskell: 01373 831010 (Standerwick Office)

Check out the details in the Defra blog:​​​