Renters Reform Bill

Published: 10/07/2023

Landlords and the Renters Reform Bill 📣

There is currently a lot of news regarding the Renters Reform Bill that has only just hit the press, although this has been in development for approx. 3 years already. The news is reporting heavily of the abolishment of the Section 21 possession notice with many having concerns about this so here is some more information for you about the suggested changes.
Suggestions within the Renters Reform Bill:
• Abolish all fixed terms, meaning there will be no minimum fixed terms (currently 6 months minimum)
• Notices will have to fall in line with rent due dates (one FULL month notice)
• Tenant will have to give 2 months notice, in line with landlords notice (tenants notice is currently one month)
• Section 21 to be abolished - Now this one is the big worry for landlords currently, however, before they can implement this they will have to do the following:
o Create a property specific court process to speed up the eviction process
o Create an online application to apply for eviction to fast track the cases
o Add additional grounds to the current Section 8 notice. Currently there are 17 grounds e.g. landlord needing to return to live in their property and needing to sell the property will have to be added to this notice
o Further grounds to enforce the eviction of tenants causing nuisance and persistently later with rent more than 3 times in a 12 month period (currently the tenant has to be 2 months in arrears AT THE TIME OF THE COURT HEARING)
These additional grounds will allow you as a landlord to serve a tenant with just 14 days notice to vacate before you can take someone to court for not vacating. These grounds will also be deemed ‘Mandatory Grounds’ which means the court has to find in favour of you the landlord. So you can see there is a lot more involved than just the media reporting Section 21 being abolished, which will still safeguard a landlords rights to retrieve their property.
There is a lot more included within this Bill but if you have any queries or concerns about how this can impact you and your letting properties, please speak to our expert Lettings team on 01985 219188.